ScalaMeter 0.4-M2 for Scala 2.10.0 has just been released!

This milestone release features the final implementation of the HTML reporters based on the D3 visualization library. You can see a live example of the report page here. This new HTML reporter is the default reporter used in PerformanceTest.Regression tests.

Some of its features are: - x-axis choice for composed generators – allows choosing whether problem size, parallelism level or the measurement date are on the x-axis - chart and histogram view of the measurements - confidence interval display - filtering input parameters interactively - choosing tests from different test groups interactively - permalinks that allow sharing the chosen configuration of displayed test groups and input parameters - list goes on …

The new HTML reporter is entirely a contribution by Roman Zoller. Excellent work, Roman!

If you are using Maven, you can add ScalaMeter 0.4-M2 as a dependency at Sonatype OSS.


Or, in SBT:

resolvers += "Sonatype OSS Snapshots" at

libraryDependencies += "com.github.axel22" %% "scalameter" % "0.4-M2"