ScalaMeter 0.4 for Scala 2.10 is now available on maven central!

The centerpiece of this release is HTML reporter based on the D3 visualization library. You can see a live example of the report page here. This new HTML reporter is the default reporter used in PerformanceTest.Regression tests.

Some of its features are:

  • x-axis choice for composed generators – allows choosing whether problem size, parallelism level or the measurement date are on the x-axis
  • chart and histogram view of the measurements
  • confidence interval display
  • filtering input parameters interactively
  • choosing tests from different test groups interactively
  • permalinks that allow sharing the chosen configuration of displayed test groups and input parameters

Other new features include:

  • MemoryFootprint measurer allows measuring the memory footprint of a data structure
  • -CscopeFilter option allows selectively running only specific tests from your suite
  • time units now added to regression and logging reporters
  • the include statement for composing several test classes is now more powerful –- the enclosing class overrides the persistor and reporter values of the nested test classes, but those tests still use their own executors

To get scalameter with Maven:


Or, in SBT:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.axel22" %% "scalameter" % "0.4"
testFrameworks += new TestFramework("org.scalameter.ScalaMeterFramework")

A big thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and/or code to the scalameter repo!